Bringing Wellbeing Techniques to the Workplace

Bringing Wellbeing Techniques to the Workplace

Bringing Wellbeing Techniques to the WorkplaceBringing Wellbeing Techniques to the Workplace

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sophrology and acceptance & commitment therapy - a powerful combination to improve wellbeing?

Written by Corinne Guion February 2020

Listening to one of the podcasts of ‘All in the Mind’ on BBC 4 around Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), a ‘3rd wave’ therapy, it became clear to me how Sophrology, as a personal development method can support this process. 

As a person following ACT learns to accept the things that they cannot change and starts to explore what is important to them (their values in other word), it occurred to me that it may not be straight forward for everyone. After all, how much time do we spend asking ourselves what really matters to us and what the values are that underpin the life decisions that we make?

This is where Sophrology can help. 

As a self-development technique that uses mental and physical exercises, Sophrology combines meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques with gentle movements and visualisations to help connect the brain and body. As a person practices Sophrology, with a Practitioner initially and then independently, they start to re-connect with their inner-self and develop a deeper mind/body connection – they become more ‘in touch’ so to speak. And as this deeper connection grows, exploring their values becomes easier. A qualified Sophrology Practitioner will use a set of specific techniques to help a person identify their key values and explore how they can live their lives in line with these values, fully in tune with themselves.

Traditionally offered to help people with anxiety or depression as well as for dealing with the psychological aspects of a serious physical illness, ACT is now being used to reduce burnout and improve wellbeing.